Busy spring!

I’ve been so busy with work this spring, there’s hardly been time left over to update this work blog! But this is definitely a “luxuary problem”. What have I been up to then?

Fashion and beauty: I had the great satisfaction of getting a longer commission from a beauty magazine, and I’ve been doing technical illustrations for Kauneus & Terveys (Beauty & Health) magazine. An example here:


Fantasy and SF: I’ve finished a first draft of my second SF-book, and the text is now with a reader. It’ll be exciting to hear the comments… I took a few risks with the new book manuscript, for example shifting points of view and strange technology in the world building and so on…

There’s the logo for a fantasy and science fiction congress in Turku in September:


And I’ve also done one more SF-illustration for a work in progress, a collaboration with a Finnish writer. More illustrations are on the way, and I’m very pleased to say that I will be having an exhibition of illustration work in September in connection to the congress (Turconen&Fantastik). A whole month my illustrations will be on display in the public library in Turku! I expect a lot of people will see them there!

Game design and art: I attended a project course in game design at Turku university January – March. This was a very good experience. I joined a group of four others, and we made a game from the very start to the end, in five weeks. My role was to do the concept art and game graphics. The game itself would need more time to become better and more playable, but in my opinion the game idea was not all that bad! Simple enough to finish in only one week, but still with some new ideas too.

Here’s the little bat, the games main protagonist:


I think the most important thing I learned from attending the game course was: I really love working creatively with a group (and making a game was awesome!), but it also poses some challenges. Attitude towards the work itself is a very important factor when it comes to actually finishing the product. I also loved seeing what the others (especially the programmers) managed to do with my illustrations, and not having to do every little part yourself was also very gratifying, since I could focus on the visuals only. I hope I get plenty more opportunities working on games!

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