Big News: Jenny Wiik Illustration

As the headline says: I am now officially running a company called Jenny Wiik Illustration. Here’s the logo, this version in green and gold. The logo will change color depending on where I display it, but the signature is always the same, sometimes without “Illustration” and with the year the print or artwork is made for example.


I’ve worked without a company for a long time now, but to be able to sell products (and not just take commissions) I needed to found one. It does feel like a big milestone for me, as I’ve always been afraid of the risks of having a company of my own. I don’t enjoy paperwork, so I will outsource as much as possible. I will also sometimes be employed, I’m still not comfortable in being a freelancer all the time (very hard when you have three kids and a house loan), and will also be looking for interesting jobs that hopefully have to do with games or digital media, education and communication.

So, welcome to my new baby: Jenny Wiik Illustration!