Letters and eyes


I actually feel like I have no more words. But I keep repeating that I feel angry, disappointed, angry, disappointed. I’m really longing for the day that I can stop feeling like this, when there is some relief. I wonder what that feels like, to be able to trust that I live in a country where people are treated equally and with compassion. I hope that day comes.

These are 60 drawings of eyes – they all see what is going on, and they all belong to very concerned and anguished people. The Finnish Government is no longer respecting human rights when it comes to its treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, and I am furious.

The letter campaign continues, and a documentary by YLE has now been made about the letters. It becomes painfully obvious that we who write and protest are not being taken seriously by the very people we are addressing.

This is also very disturbing.

How is it possible to be proud of a country like this? How can I change this? How can we change this? Because this is not how we want it to be, right? Next year this country I was born in (some say it is like winning the lottery) will be 100 years old. I have never been a very nationalistic person, and I surely cannot be now. But I do feel a sense of responsibility for this place I live in, and the people who happen to be here. Now we are excluding some human beings who are asking for our help. If this is the help that my country has to give, I cannot be proud, I feel shame.

I have been busy making graphics for related campaigns (and working) for a month now. But if you send me more eyes, I will draw them (e-mail: jennykwiik [at] gmail.com)

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