Okeanos is the name of my most recent solo exhibition, but it is also the name of a fictional world. I’ve written occasionally here about my never ending “book/graphic novel” project, that actually started from a seed sown ten years ago. I still want to create that graphic novel, but I haven’t been able to consistently take time for it. However, I decided to create another solo exhibition with paintings again. It is actually easier than creating a graphic novel, hahah. Okeanos is the name of the fantasy world in the story. And several of the paintings in the exhibition are visual fragments of the world and the story.

Grasslands in the middle and Branches I and II on the top and bottom. Oil paintings, 2021-2022.

The exhibition was in august in Mökki Galleria again, since my collaboration with the owner (and artist) Sibel Kantola is very fruitful and inspiring. We are planning more exciting things in the future. But first, in October-November, we will both take part in a group exhibition, PINK, in Helsinki, in AVA International. My paintings “Pan” (the featured image) and “Mother of Pearl” will be there. 15 % of sales go to the Cancer Foundation, so I am very happy and proud to take part of it, and I’m hoping my paintings would find new homes.

From Okeanos all other paintings are still for sale. The watercolor with leaves and rain drops was sold (After the First Rain), which makes me feel like making more of these type of (photo)realistic watercolors. It was something I loved doing in my 20s, but took a break from the past 10 years. However, painting will have to wait until next year, since I am about to finally finish my Master’s thesis in service design this Autumn.

And if you read this far, I am open for new illustration or graphic design commissions and gigs from January onwards! I’m also very experienced with art/illustration/design workshops (currently I have manga comic drawing with kids)! If you want to contact me, write to jennykwiik@gmail.com, or DM me in Instagram for example 🙂

And all my new and previous paintings can be seen on the Fine art page.

Warm Autumn greetings

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