In Autumn 2021 I took part in two exhibitions in collaboration with artist Sibel Kantola. Chromophilia was the first one, with prints made of our paintings for outdoors hanging on the beautiful street Luostarin välikatu in central Turku. Artist Paul Krispijn also took part with a light installation that was visible in the autumn evening. In December Sibel and I also made a Christmas/winter themed exhibition in the same frames. The frames were built in June 2021 by Hasan Al-Rubaye, with funding from Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi. They were made for the photography exhibition Love Crossing Boundaries, organized by Nana Blomqvist. Nana gave me free hands to create art for the frames, and I invited Sibel Kantola to join me.

This collaboration was intense but very joyous. And we did not put any breaks on our love for colors (hence the title). Below you can see my half of the artworks from Chromophilia and secondly from the December exhibition.

Sibel and I are working on a webpage together, where we will further exhibit our collaborations and see where we can take it! But those are the plans for 2022.

I want to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy Yule and Happy New Year 2022. 2021 was intense and extremely productive for me. So much so, it has been hard to keep this webpage updated. If you use Tiktok, please go check out @kiiwyn, since I post there quite frequently, and I’m enjoying the simple video format very much.

Fairy tale girls

Fairy tale girls

In my last blog post I said I have more good news. And I sure do!

I got a grant from The Finnish Association for Illustrators, that I’ve been a member of for eight years already. I haven’t applied for their working grants before, and in April I got the idea that my Goldilocks illustration could use some company. I already had a contact to a publisher who publishes easy to read books for all ages, and so I pitched them a story book with my illustrations. The fairy tales I’ve picked out will all have a girl protagonists. However, another author who knows more about easy to read texts will do the writing.

So in September and onwards I’ll be focusing on fairy tales! I’m so excited about this, it’s a dream come true. Ever since I was young I’ve adored classical fairy tale illustration, especially artists from the Nordic countries: John Bauer, Hans Arnold, Theodor Kittelsen, Rudolf Koivu, Kay Nielsen, Björn Landström and Tove Jansson of course. Now I will have a chance to make my own mark among these giants.

But the summer is all pixel art and games (I’ll update you on progress soon! Some awesome characters are forming as we speak). Goldilocks will have to wait a few months more…

Goldilocks is already available as a print: Check my Society6-shop!


January: Storybook characters and Doctors

I’m still on maternity leave until the end of February, but I’ve done some projects during January.

First there’s Daleks for Doctors. The idea came from a facebook-group I’m in, Geek Women Workout. A member wanted a T-shirt with Daleks saying “Exercise! Exercise!”, so I decided I needed to make those tees happen. All profits will go to Doctors without borders, as the idea was not mine, and I’ve been waiting for the chance to do a charity project.

Here’s one of the prints:


And the print is available in my Society6-shop! Chop chop and go shopping!


Since I’m with a very mobile 8 month old baby right now I can’t do a lot of digital stuff at the computer, so I’ve done mostly graphite sketching while the baby is on the floor exploring. A series of storybook characters have emerged! Here’s Goldilocks:

Goldilocks, graphite pencil sketch (2014)

She, and Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel will soon get the full on digital treatment. Stay tuned 🙂