Shop and pricing


I have a web shop at Holvi: Jenny Wiik Illustration & Art. Currently I am selling prints, and as soon as I have original artwork for sale, it will turn up there!


Just to make things easier for you to commission illustrations from me, and to make the process more open, here is a short explanation of what you can think about concerning the pricing and when I send you quotations:

I base the price estimate on how long a project takes. My goal is to reach a salary of 3000 € per month. I base this on my experience and skill set that I have acquired working with illustration and art for over 15 years. Since I own my own business I also pay all social and material expenses (pension, vacation etc) and taxes are added to the price. To reach my goal I need to charge 39,10 €/hour, 275 €/day, 1260 €/week or 5040,00 €/month.

A simple drawing I can do in half a day. An illustration with a more complex planning stage will require 1-2 days. If we are talking illustrating a book/article/leaflet with 4-5 images it takes at least 2 weeks (full time, usually a project will be more stretched out, although I only charge for the time I spend on the project of course). Larger projects are negotiated separately.

Designing a logo will take 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the task.

How to commission an illustration:

Send me an e-mail (jennykwiik [at] and tell me these things:

  • for what purpose (magazine, game, book, exlibris etc.)
  • estimate how many images
  • size and complexity of the images
  • style requirements
  • timetable

Just contacting me and asking for the price of an illustration is of course totally free 😀 And the quotation I send you is negotiable!


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