Illustrations autumn and winter 2011

Illustrations autumn and winter 2011

I’ve been focusing on my thesis this winter, but I’ve had time to do some initial images for my own fantasy book (there will be about 25 images in all). Here’s a lion fountain that’s gone through a long progression as I’ve been learning digital painting. It sets the tone of the book quite well:  dark and ancient, but also magical and hopeful…

lion fountain illustration digital painting

This blog

The reason I’m starting this blog is that MobileMe is turning into iCloud, so my old web page is going to disappear (because I’m not going to jump into the iCloud). As I’m very happy with WordPress blogs, I’m staying here. I mostly blog in Swedish at Kolofont, so I will not be updating this blog very often.

But why not take the chance to create something new here?

In the different pages (About, Art, Research) you can find some basic information on what I do. But I’ll also be posting illustrations, photos, thoughts about research and writing in the blog posts; But completely randomly and only as a part of this being a personal web page.

There are a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now. Next year I’ll finish two huge projects I’ve been working on for years (Book 1 and Thesis). And at the same time I want to have time for my family and taking care of myself. I want to have time for reading, dancing, seeing good films, playing games and traveling. I’m a mom, a geek, a thinker, a maker. Welcome to my little space in the web.